Tuesday, May 6, 2014

When Do You Give In To Paranoia?

I've noticed that no one is completely immune to feeling paranoid. People may like to pretend they have thick skin and they can handle just about anything, but what do you do when you begin allowing the negative thoughts to creep in?

Have you ever experienced 'knowing' things that people didn't realize you knew and 'heard' things said about you when they didn't realize you were around to hear them? In cases like these paranoia (to some extent) may be justified; but unless you're willing to do something about it - either file it in the 'useless baggage' file (that's when you have to consider the source), let it go, or learn to deal with it you won't be healthy and won't be able to move forward.

I've found that sometimes confronting people doesn't accomplish anything other than creating more tension. You need to ask yourself whether or not it's worth it. If someone (friend or foe) was speaking negatively about you before will putting them on the spot change anything? Probably not. If they thought so little of your feelings before, more than likely confronting them will only give them more to talk about. There's a saying about not being able to 'change a leopard's spots' or 'adding more fuel to the fire'.

Personally, I'm trying to work on the 'learn to deal with it' approach, because truth be told I've never been too good at the 'let it go' theory. When I feel the negative thoughts trying to stronghold my mind I TRY to be proactive (TRY being the key word). In the summer I will work in my garden, I will take a long walk, or I will make a trip to my 'therapy place of choice' - the library. I blog, I think, I listen to soothing music, and I try to talk the negative thoughts right out of my head. IF people are treating you unfairly, for whatever reason, they don't deserve for you to be worried and stressed. It only creates a nasty 'win win' scenario for them.

What do you do to not give in to the paranoia?

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