Monday, June 2, 2014

Procrastination: Is It Holding You Back?

Are you one of those people that has been known to put things off? Procrastination can easily be the undoing of many goals and dreams. Do you have big plans for yourself? Maybe a new job, achieving something great, running a marathon, or even losing 10#? Having goals and dreams is important, but having the discipline to go after them is even bigger. I know; I've been talking about needing to lose some weight for a long time, but somehow I just haven't found the right motivation to actually make it happen. Does that make it totally my fault? Maybe. Does that make me a complete failure? I don't think so.
Realistically if I am the one who has set the goal or dreamt the dream, then it is reasonable to consider that I am probably the only one that can actually make it happen or at least set the process in motion. We will all need help along the way, BUT no one else can do certain things for us. Some things we just need to take ownership of and do ourselves. That's what makes them our goals and our dreams.
I often search out quotes and little tidbits of inspiration. They often help me to gain perspective, as well as get myself back on track.
Here are a few I came across. Let me know if they perhaps inspire you to get back on track with your goals and dreams.

The sooner I fall behind, the more time I have to catch up.
~ Author Unknown
Procrastination is opportunity's assassin.
~ Victor Kiam
If you want to make an easy job seem hard, just keep putting off doing it.
~ Olin Miller
You may delay, but time will not.
~ Benjamin Franklin
What goal or dream have you been procrastinating? Anything I can do to help you get back on track?

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