Friday, June 6, 2014

What goal pushes you?

Every one has a goal or a dream - something that pushes them to go forward. What's yours? More importantly, have you succeeded? If you have, that's awesome, amazing, and you should be so proud of yourself. If you haven't succeeded yet, why is that? Are you just at the beginning of the journey and there just hasn't been enough time yet for your goal to fully develop? Do you lack the right motivation? Do you worry that people won't like what you've accomplished?

I constantly hear about musicians, artists, business entrepreneurs, and 'yes' even writers who slow down when things are moving along at a good pace because something spooks them. If we're being completely honest I think we all get scared of succeeding (at least sometimes). If you're constantly striving forward toward the one thing you've always thought you wanted it's only naturally to stop and wonder, 'What happens when I get there?' 'Will I have to come up with a new goal?' 'What if people are disappointed in what I've created?'

Now we need to stop and ask ourselves a few questions. Does that special goal or dream make you happy? Are you trying to achieve it for yourself OR for others? And lastly, what do you hope to achieve by reaching it? It's o.k. to get nervous and be apprehensive (to a point), for that fact it's more than o.k.. But always remember that a goal or a dream is something that you've chosen for yourself. Only put as much effort and energy into it as the result you hope to get out of it. Only you can decide when your goal is worthy of your effort. For your sake though, I hope it is. 

I can't wait to see all your goals and dream evolve. So ... what are you working towards right now? And more importantly how is it going?

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