Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Never Judge A Book ...

There's a saying that says 'never judge a book by it's cover'. It's so true. There's always more to the book than just the first impression you get when you look at the well put-together cover. There's depth, there's plots, there's characters, and there's twists and turns. Now ... think of people as being the proverbial book. We have talents and baggage and lots of opinions, BUT the image we sometimes choose to display to other people is only a small glimpse of what we're all about.

It's when you take the time to get to know people that you find out what really makes them tick, what makes them unique. There's a TV commercial that's currently airing for Domino's Pizza that has a tagline that says 'We want you to get to know the people who are making your pizza.' A young pizza maker explains that her hands don't just make the dough, but they also create art (and then it shows her creating an amazing painting). What a great concept.

My point is that we should never judge people by what we initially know about them (or rather what we don't know). Give yourself time to peel back their layers like an onion. There's bound to be more beneath the surface. For example, you probably never knew that I used to work as an aviation headhunter. I could tell you more about FBOs, charter airlines, avionics, and a variety of aircraft than you could possibly imagine. You just never know what knowledge or talents people have until you take the time to ask. You might be pleasantly surprised or even impressed. Give people the credit they deserve and never underestimate them or their abilities.

Now, tell me something about you that I don't know.

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