Thursday, May 1, 2014

How Do You See Yourself?

How do you see yourself? Do you see yourself as others see you? Whether it's your height, your weight, your hairstyle, the clothes you wear, your talents, or your knowledge most of us have a tendency to feel inadequate at one thing or another. We often feel too tall (or in my case - too short - at least compared to my 5'10" daughter), too heavy or too thin, or our hair is too wavy or too straight. If we're really being honest I think we all compare ourselves to others - at least sometimes. For some reason other people seem to have the ability to be more objective; they can see things in us that we don't give ourselves credit for. We're constantly underselling ourselves.

I personally know some of the most loyal and caring people on the planet; there isn't anything they wouldn't do for someone else, but don't ever make the mistake of giving them credit for it in front of someone else. They don't think they're special or are doing anything even remotely unique. They clearly don't see themselves the way I do.

So, to shift gears a little ... why do we all hang on to that one piece of clothing in our closets that used to make us feel happy or thin or confident? It clearly doesn't fit us anymore and the style might not be current even if it did fit. There's something about the memory of wearing that favorite pair of jeans or feeling classy in the little black dress. Something makes us want to hold on to the image or feeling we had when we wore it.

What's that one article in the back of your closet? How did you see yourself when you wore it?

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