Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Who Do You Want To Impress?

There's a saying when someone has a new TV box out at the curb that says they may be 'trying to keep up with the Jones'. When one neighbor has a great looking lawn we could find ourselves inspired to spruce our own up a bit. Call it inspiration or our competitive sides showing up, either way it can be just the motivation some of need to get us moving.
Do you find yourself wanting to get a new car because your friend got one last week or wanting to grab a girlfriend and go shopping because you saw someone at the grocery store with a great new spring outfit? My question for you is who do you want to impress (if anyone)? Do you do what you do for yourself or to impress those around you? Do you care what others think about your style, your language, your behavior? Sometimes I wonder what people think and why they do the things they do. Tonight I was in a parking lot when two young ladies (19ish) walked to their car - laughing, smiling, talking loudly, and swearing up a storm. I get the whole 'freedom of speech' thing and 'being in public places and wanting to express yourself', but when it came down to it I really had to wonder if there was even room for me in 'their bubble' OR if they even knew (or cared) HOW they were being perceived by those they were passing by. I decided they clearly must not have.
When you're at work or volunteering are you giving your responsibilities a 100% because you're proud of what you're doing or do wish deep down someone would notice and say 'hey, nice job'? Whatever you do, whatever you say ... keep it pure, keep it respectable, keep it worthy of notice by the only One that really matters.

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