Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Game of Highs & Lows

Last week I went to church for Palm Sunday and in the context of the sermon the childhood game of 'sharing your high and low for the week' was mentioned. It may have started out as a kid's game and progressed into a traditional ice breaker game for adult meetings and small groups, but it's also a great way for us to keep our perspective (at any age). At the end of every day or even just once at the end of a busy week stop and ask yourself what your 'high' and 'low' point of the week was. We may have weeks when everything seems like a 'high'; as well as there are times when we feel like our lives have hit rock bottom. It's important to find a balance. There's always a high of some sort; a child's laughter, a blue sky, or your favorite athletic team winning a game. Find a high and use it as a foundation. Consider it a seed, acknowledge it and watch it grow and bloom. Embrace your highs when you have them, but at the same time learn from your lows.
I was lucky to have had plenty of highs this week ... my health is good, I have a roof over my head, plenty of food to eat, a family that loves me, faithful friends, and I went to an impressive concert last night. My lows? I really need to learn how to deal with my stresses; computers that don't work, dealing with minor inconveniences (because that's all they are), handling my nerves, and trying to find more hours in a week. I admit it and I know I'm a work in progress, but I AM working on it.
What's been your high and low so far for the week?

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