Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Grin And Bear It!

How fragile is your ego or your spirit? Are there times when you think you need to have the word 'FRAGILE' stamped in red on your forehead so that people will know to tread carefully? Do you find yourself easily frazzled when your routine gets out of whack?
We're coming up on the tail end of a long cold winter. Many are ready and more than eager to feel the warm sun on their skin again. But sometimes this time of year can find even the perkiest of people a little down in the dumps or easily agitated. For several the answer is a simple car drive to Florida or someplace where a heavy winter coat isn't required. The warmth will make them feel better both physically and mentally. Yet 'getting away' isn't an option for everyone. So, what do the rest of us do?
Perhaps take an afternoon off; treat yourself to a movie or lunch with a friend? Give yourself permission to immerse yourself with whatever distraction warms your heart (if not your skin); maybe reading a book on the couch, getting a pre-spring mani/pedi, or going window shopping at the mall to see all the bright spring colors adorning the store window displays. Whatever distraction brings you hope.
Checking the calendar I can see that officially there are only 17 days remaining until spring, yet I looked out my window today and saw snow, sleet, rain, and freezing rain. I half expected an old-fashioned pony express rider to fly by my window; battling all the weather elements.
I have hope for the sunshine to return and hope for the temperatures to warm up and hope that the darkened dirty mounds of snow will get a little smaller each day.
What brings you hope on these dreary days?

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