Thursday, March 19, 2015

Be The Light

Tomorrow is the first day of spring. For many of us the snow has been melting, the sun has been shining a bit more, and the temperatures have seemed warmer. As we say goodbye to the winter season, we say hello to spring and summer. Many will also say goodbye to their winter doldrums. Funny how we can be affected, both physically and spiritually, by darkness - as well as by light. There is such power in LIGHT.

This week was my 4th week in a series of 5 for a small group Lent bible study. For me to commit to anything for 5 straight weeks is a miracle in itself, but truth be told I felt 'nudged' to make this commitment. I've been part of a group of amazing people and have gained not just acquaintances, but new friends in the process.

This week the topic was 'The Path of Discipleship: Within the Light' with a focus question of  'What does it mean to walk in the light of Christ?' We read John 3:14-21. We discussed why some people resist the goodness of God, why some have difficulty trusting and believing in God, and what it means to 'love darkness'.
Often times people will take the easy way out. It's just easier and takes less effort and commitment to wear blinders. With blinders on we see only what is in front of us; we see what we want to see, we don't steer off course, we don't wander, and we don't acknowledge what we're doing wrong or how we could do better. But when there is light; whether that is God himself or someone you know who just brings a sense of brightness and positiveness into your life we ARE affected.
Light can draw people like moths. We don't know exactly why but when we observe someone with a sunny disposition, a positive attitude, a sense of good morals and values ... we want to go in that direction. They are the LIGHT for us. They are offering to us an opportunity to better our course. What a gift! The only positive to wandering in the dark is that we have a chance to search for the light. Be open to looking for the light, to experiencing the goodness that comes with the light, and then BE THE LIGHT. You could easily be the beacon that helps steer someone (even a stranger) back onto their right course.
Do you have someone who is a LIGHT in your life?

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