Monday, February 9, 2015

Do It Today

Some blog posts are lengthy and full of explanations and overflowing emotions. Others not so much. Some, like this one, will be short, direct and to the point. Yesterday I had a day filled with mixed emotions; experiencing both some ups and some downs. During the day my husband and I volunteered at a local food pantry and helped to package 30,000 meals. Following we were admittedly a bit tired, but feeling good like we had done our small part to contribute to something bigger; something good. Later in the evening we received the sad news that the son of a good friend had died unexpectedly in a car accident. Our emotions went on an immediate downward spiral.

Death, especially when unexpected, is devastating to those left behind to try and figure out the 'why's' and 'what if's'. There are no warnings and no time for righting any wrongs. Life is fragile, it is complicated, and it is most surely unpredictable. Our friend may never know exactly what caused his son's death and he may be left unsure whether or not he'd said 'I Love You' enough times, but the one thing we can know is that once today is gone so is our opportunity for second chances.
If you want to offer forgiveness or, for that fact, accept it ... do it today.
If you want to tell someone they're special ... do it today.
If you want to make a difference, no matter how insignificant you might feel it is ... do it today.
If you want to change the world (or at least your little corner of it) ... do it today.
There's a saying that suggests you should never put off till tomorrow what you can do today. Maybe there's more truth to those simple words than we realize. Maybe we shouldn't overcomplicate things. Maybe we should consider today for the true gift that it is.

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