Sunday, December 28, 2014

What Makes You Stronger?

We all wish we were as strong as Superman, as charismatic at Batman, as swift as Spiderman, and as stylish as Wonder Woman; but truth be told ... they're not real. They're just made up characters in comic books and on the big screen. We are human beings who deal with everyday realities. Sure, we wish we could do it all on our own and never need anything or anyone's help, but that is never the case. We all need to find an inner strength that will help get us over the unexpected hurdles or sometimes just through the day, but it won't always come in the source of kryptonite or a golden lasso.

Finding strength isn't easy. The source may be different for everyone. Just last night my laptop needed to perform 3+ hours of updates to gain it's strength. (BTW ... it's running much better today.) People, though, aren't as predictable, don't come with an instruction book, and certainly can't be compared to machines. 

So, what makes YOU stronger? Is it reviving your faith? Your family gathering in moral support? Or physical exercise making your body stronger? I suppose the first step is to get to the core of the issue. It could be mental, physical or even spiritual. We need to understand that wanting to be stronger doesn't mean that we are weak. It just means we want to be stronger, more solid, and more stable. We can do and be our best when we feel our best. When we feel strong, we feel confident. When we feel confident, we feel capable of more. We should never limit ourselves and should never settle for 'good enough'. We should always strive for more. We deserve to be strong. We deserve to feel invincible. We deserve to feel like a super hero.

When was the last time you felt your strongest? What was your source of strength?

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