Monday, September 8, 2014

That One Recurring Dream

Do you have that 'one' recurring dream that you've dreamed for years? It may vary a bit each time, but it's always so similar and familiar. My dream involves me being a waitress. I can visualize the customers sitting down at the table. I can tell you their exact orders, and I can picture myself walking to the kitchen to turn the orders in, fixing their salads, and filling their drink order. Then the dining room usually gets busy and things get chaotic. My heart starts to race and my hands get clammy and I have to start telling myself, 'You've had nights like this before. You've got this.' Eventually I start trying to convince myself that it's just a dream and it's not real. 

I can go months or even years without the dream and then when I least expect it - it comes back in full force and vivid color. Why do you suppose it happens? I usually try to attribute the stressful dream to something I ate for dinner or the fact that I've probably got too much on my mind. 

You do need to realize that I'm not just pulling this scenario out of my overactive imagination. I actually worked in a restaurant all through high school and into college. Perhaps that time in my life was busy and a bit chaotic and a little stressful, but truth be told I WAS A REALLY GOOD WAITRESS. I actually liked serving people and enjoyed the job. Here's a secret (which I guess is no longer a secret if I share it), I actually met my husband when I was a waitress in college. It was near the end of my shift, he came in, I waited on him, we talked, he asked for my number, I gave it to him (o.k. ... I actually already had it written out just in case he asked for it or I was feeling exceptionally assertive). My point is that not ALL of my waitress memories are bad. We were actually married nine months later and we'll soon be celebrating our anniversary of 30+ years.

So what's your recurring dream? What do you find brings it on? More importantly, how are you able to turn it off?

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