Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Useless Words

The dictionary is full of words; some good some not so much. I've blogged before about the importance of words and the limitless power they possess. Words can build a person up, congratulate them on a task well done, or they can damage a self-esteem in the matter of mere seconds. Have you ever watched the movie 'Mean Girls' or seen a bridesmaid's episode of TLC's 'Say Yes To The Dress: Atlanta'? The storeowner, Lori, will protect her brides till the end if the bridesmaids get too out of hand. I've seen episodes where bridal party entourages have been ruder to the bride than you could ever imagine because for some reason they believe their friend's wedding should be all about them. When the bridesmaid becomes the bride then they can have the spotlight, until then they need to be quiet and take a back seat.
Words should validate, flatter, and express concern when needed. They should never be cruel, wasteful, or ill-intended. At that point, they become useless. Words have a great deal of power and once spoken generally can't be taken back. First impressions and first words mean a lot, just ask someone conducting an interview.
My advice to you ... think twice and speak once (if necessary). Often by doing so you may change your mind and save yourself from embarrassment or saying something you'll later regret. In the words spoken by the Queen to the evil stepmother in the movie 'Ever After' with Drew Barrymore, "Choose your words wisely Madame, for they may be your last."
When was the last time you said something you later regretted?

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