Saturday, July 26, 2014

#1: Cross 'Itinerary' Off The List

This weekend I am stepping out of my comfort zone. My daughter and I opted to take a mother-daughter weekend and 'get away' from the routines, the traffic, and the orange barrels that we both know so well. Of course, being the organized mom that I am I spent a good amount of time on the Internet trying to plan the perfect mini vacation. We only have 3 days so I wanted it to be perfect. Yet when I asked my daughter, "What would you like to do when we get there? Where do you want to go? What do you what to see?" In her getting-wiser-by-the-year way (at almost 19) she kindly responded with, "Let's just go with the flow. There will be plenty to see and plenty to do, so let's just be spontaneous." It's pretty bad when the daughter knows what's best for the mother.

I planned our weekend at a quaint Bed & Breakfast in the Amish countryside of Northern Indiana. The B&B is wonderful, the innkeepers are amazing, AND my daughter is currently taking a nap while I blog (I guess all of our spontaneity has worn her out). None of our trip so far has been planned. She's teaching me to go with the flow, which I'm sure is no easy task. We've walked in the antique shops for her and have taken photos of the outdoor quilt gardens and horses for me. We stopped at a roadside stand by a dairy farm and ate a freshly made grilled cheese sandwich on garlic cheddar bread with thick co-jack cheese. We sat and admired the country roads, the green hills, the horses and the Amish buggies. We've taken long walks and done whatever we've wanted whenever we've wanted.

We're almost half way through our weekend now and my shoulders are just beginning to relax. Funny thing ... I haven't seen an orange construction barrel in more than 24 hours AND I certainly don't miss it. Instead I've driven through the country, met new people, been in awe of all the quiet and beauty God blessed this area with, and seen more horses than I have in the last 10 years. 

It's been a great trip so far and I can safely say I've crossed the word 'Itinerary' off my list. I guess there is hope for me yet.

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