Monday, April 7, 2014

Do You Rise To A Challenge?

We all face challenges every day. They come in many shapes and sizes, often disguising themselves as opportunities. Somehow an opportunity sounds much more positive than a challenge; an opportunity sounds doable. A challenge sounds mysterious, dark and full of obstacles; it suggests that it may be harder to achieve. No matter what we call them or how we perceive them, it’s how we rise to a challenge that defines us.

Challenges can be things we take on by ourselves and others are handed to us unwillingly on a platter; they may come in the form of an illness, grief, an abusive relationship, or a career change. Challenges have no guaranteed outcomes, but I for one would rather attempt and fail than not try and never know if I could have succeeded. I could fail, but so what? I’ll still get up tomorrow and I’ll probably try again. Failing doesn’t make me a loser or a quitter – it makes me persistent. Sure, some will attempt a given challenge and fail and decide they’ve had enough and ultimately not try again, but that just means that ‘they’ve’ made a decision. Never let someone else dictate the outcome for you. Always make sure your voice is heard.

I’ve had challenges in my life when people have told me ‘don’t bother’ or ‘you won’t make a difference.’ I suppose I was stubborn and pig-headed because I never listened. I can’t stand the thought of someone else defining my future. Have you ever faced a challenge and come out on the other side stronger for having endured it?
‘You may not realize it when it happens, 
but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you.’  
 ~ Walt Disney
Challenges are very real and can be life-changing ...  they can also be a really big topic – too big for just one blog post. Stay tuned and next time we’ll dive in to how we might support each other with our challenges so that we never have to feel alone when we tackle them.

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