Sunday, March 23, 2014

Life's Report Card

I often find myself jotting down a little nugget or two while listening to a Sunday sermon at church. I make a few notes and then find them an hour or even a week later. I'll look at them again and think about how they may apply to my life just then or even just life in general. What was today's nugget that got me thinking? It was about whether or not you live your life with a report card.
Thinking back to when you were in school and got your report card, did you do just enough to get the passing grade or did you really apply yourself in hopes of learning something and being able to apply it later? What is your approach with how you live your life? Do you do good deeds because you think you'll make bonus points on your heavenly report card? Do you do barely enough and just what's expected  - doing just enough for the passing grade? Or do you not care about the report card and do what's right because it's what's right and good? There is no score chart or report card for getting through life. We should live each day trying our best to respect each other, treat others the way we would want to be treated in return, and lending a helping hand whenever possible.
What's your approach and how are you doing?

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