Sunday, March 9, 2014

It's Easy To Cross The Social Media Line

Everyday I read Facebook posts, Internet headlines, and hear about Twitter and Instagram. People share the good and the bad. Sometimes too much. Do you go too far? Do you find yourself 'crossing the social media line'? There's a saying when doing home improvement projects that says you should 'measure twice and cut once.' The same theory applies to using social media but in a bit of a different way. We need to be our own editor. We need to write, then read the words twice - once with our own eyes and the second time as an unknown reader. That's when we should tweak our words if needed, maybe even not post them. If you're ever not 100% sure of your content then stop and ask yourself a few questions.
  • Is what you're posting TOO private?
  • Could what you're posting be offensive to anyone? (I suppose if that doesn't concern you then that's your business, as unfortunate as it would be.)
  • What will you gain with your post? Will your words inspire, make someone laugh or smile, or prevent a hardship? Or will your words tear a person down, intimidate, or hurt someone else?
None of us are perfect. I know I'm not. I've posted things at different points that I may have regretted later, but I never hurt anyone (perhaps only embarrassed myself). Being aware, being responsible and being honest with yourself is half the battle. These traits can give us the tools we need to do better. That's all any of us can ask of ourselves. I love the possibility of words, but they can also be an obstacle.

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