Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Pot Holes Of Life

Whenever I drive anywhere these days I have to be very strategic. Like everyone else I’m playing the ‘dodge the pot hole’ game. They’re everywhere AND they’re deep. I imagine if a Smart car were to fall in on a Tuesday it could easily be Friday before they’d be discovered. My analogy for the day is that pot holes are like rough patches. They’re irritating and an inconvenience, and unfortunately our lives are not immune to them.

Most of you know that I enjoying writing blogs, but I also enjoying reading them. I recently read a guest post on a blog that I follow. It talked about the resolutions we make on New Year’s Eve. The writer said, “We’re so determined that it’s almost like we’ve already lost the weight, got the raise, run the marathon, and raised the money to cut the record. But – reality check – we haven’t. It’s still January!”
We need to make our dreams and goals a reality, not just a New Year’s resolution. But how do we do that? Perhaps we need to take into account that it’ll take more than just our good intentions to get us through the other 11 months of the year. Perhaps we need to set our sights on more realistic steps to take. Rather than say, “I want to lose 25 pounds before my son’s wedding this summer” … maybe I should say, “I should start eating smarter and make better lifestyle choices now so that maybe I can lose a few pounds before the big day and that way I’ll feel better about myself.”

It doesn’t matter that I have good intentions, what matters is how I proceed. If I set more realistic goals for myself then my eminent chances of failing should lesson. Sure … I will undoubtedly hit rough patches along the way … like Super Bowl Sunday, the friend’s birthday cake that I’ll be offered, or the bottomless candy bowl that’s in the nearby desk in my work office. There will ALWAYS be temptations and pot holes, but if I become more aware and start looking for them it’ll hopefully become easier to dodge them.
What big ‘pot holes’ are you currently dealing with? And, more importantly, how can I help?


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