Thursday, March 1, 2012

Welcome to March !!

I don't know about you but I couldn't be happier to flip the calendar today. February always seems to throw me off a bit since it's shorter; granted it's only by a couple of days - but sometimes that's all it takes. Then 2012 threw in an extra day for leap year. For me that just messed things up a little more.

So why am I anxious for March? Not because I'm trying to rush anything, that's for sure. Truth be told, I would prefer to slow down time if I could. And certainly not because my husband will say he's closer now to putting the Christmas tree back up. It could be because I'm Irish and like wearing green for St. Patrick's Day. It could be because the first day of Spring is in March and I get anxious to start planning the color schemes for my garden areas at home and at church. It could be because it's my birthday month and I get coupons in the mail from DSW, Vera Bradley and my favorite restaurant (Pasquale's). Let's face it .... March is just an AWESOME month.

What's your favorite month of year? Let's be fair - now you have to tell us all why.

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  1. Or could you just be excited because your birthday is in March? :)