Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What are your responsibilites?

What are your responsibilities? Are you a spouse? A son or daughter? A parent? An employee? A Christian? A survivor? Depending on the question, your answer will probably be different.

As a parent you have the responsibility to feed, cloth and provide shelter for your children. You should love, protect, and encourage them.

If you’re blessed in today’s society to be employed then you have the responsibility of giving your job 100%, showing up on time, having a positive attitude and being productive.

If you’re a Christian you should be living in the Word and sharing your faith through your voice and your actions.

And if you’re a survivor, you should be celebrating! You may be a survivor of an addiction, of an abusive relationship, or a deadly disease. Like anyone you have a right to share your triumphs and your roadblocks, but as a survivor you have a responsibility to share your hope. Not everyone is blessed with a support system when going through something tough. Whatever your situation has been, whatever obstacle you’ve been fortunate enough to overcome I would ask that you share your inner strength with someone who needs it. They could be a family member, someone at your school or church, the cashier at the grocery store, or the neighbor down the street you never stop to talk to but only wave at when driving by. Everyone needs someone. I urge you to be there for just one person today. Then start again fresh tomorrow. Let’s make 2012 an awesome year.

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