A Little About Me

Am I a professional writer? No ... and I do not pretend to be. What I am is an average woman who is a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a sister, a daughter, an employee, a Christian, a loyal friend, and a 12 year cancer survivor. I guess you could say I wear many hats. One hat just happens to be the person who likes to write, share her views, ask questions, hope for input from other people, and discover new things about others each and every day.

Like most people, my day to day life can be very busy - even overwhelming on given occasions. Like most people, I muddle through ... one obstacle at a time. Everyone's life has ups and downs, good times and tough times. The thing to remember is that none of us are alone. We are each only a visit, an email, or a phone call away from being there for our fellow neighbor. Afterall, wouldn't you prefer for there to be someone there for you when you need to vent or laugh or be inspired? I know I would.

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  1. Jennifer, I hope all is well. It was a pleasure reading through some of your more recent materials, and considering some of my own life challenges, I find inspiration in your work. I was reading through some your archives and had a question about something. If it's not asking too much would you be okay reaching out at virgilnci(@)gmail(dot)com? Appreciate any time you can spare, V