Wednesday, October 19, 2016

When Negativity Feels Like Quick Sand

DNA is an interesting thing. Our DNA makeup is unique to us alone. It defines the color of our hair and eyes, our height, the basic foundation of our health, and much of our personality. But even having the firm foundation that we each do, we also have a lot of areas in our life where our minds get to help us define who we are. We can choose how much we exercise, what foods we put in to our bodies, the words that come out of our mouths, how we choose to treat those around us, and what our daily outlook will be.
Everyone has 'things' thrown at them (unwelcome things) that can alter their mood and outlook in the blink of an eye. That's unfortunate, but a reality nonetheless. Many people are what I would term a 'Pollyanna'; they see everything with a positive set of eyes. They first look for the good. Others will be just the opposite. They will have an negative outlook ... about everything. They won't want you to lift their spirits or share a better approach with them. As sad as it is some people view negativity like quick sand. It's all they are exposed too and they can literally feel it pulling them in and under. Some will try to hold on to something positive, but it can be difficult.
Some people are a little of both; they'll have their good and bad days ... but holding on to the positive by the tips of their fingers is to be commended, because they have not given up and they are still willing to look for the light.
If you or someone you know experiences their life this way, as hard as it is some days, don't give up on them. Continue to try and help them focus on the good, on the possibilities, and on ways things could get better. The reality is YOU can never do it for them. You can't tell them how to feel or what to accept, but just because they are leaning toward giving up does NOT mean that they get to drag you down with them. Don't be sucked into a negativity that isn't yours.
Stay positive!

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