Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Catch A Glimpse

There are days we look in the mirror and think, 'Who is that person?' We don't recognize them. We've changed. We've gotten older or heavier or thinner or maybe we look sad or tired. How 'we' see ourselves is often quite different than how others see us. We see ourselves mostly with our minds, by how we think and feel. We forget to use our eyes; well most of us anyway. We see what's in our hearts and in our gut. Some of us have forgotten how to just 'see'.  We'll meet a stranger who sees us for the first time and their perception will most likely be more accurate; they're seeing with their eyes. They don't see the baggage or the struggles or the accomplishments. They see what is right in front of them; pretty eyes or a warm smile.
Recently I've taken on a new exciting project (more details to come), but I can
tell you that this project will take me completely out of my comfort zone to a place where myself and others will definitely SEE me differently. For this project I needed a photo that could be used in promotions. I couldn't come up with any that I could use; I generally seem to be the one taking the photos. So what did I do? I engaged the services of a talented young lady who was beginning her photography business. Sometimes you just feel like things are meant to be. I was nervous to get my picture taken. I was nervous that I would feel awkward. I was nervous that even though I'd recently lost 20 pounds that I wouldn't look the way I wanted to. Then I met Sarah. Sarah Zick is a wonderful new photographer who has an engaging spirit, a God-given talent, and a knack for making her subject feel relaxed. Now, I am in NO way suggesting that I am quitting my day job as a Church Administrator and becoming a super model (yah, right, lol), but I am willing to admit that after looking at Sarah's pictures I am starting to see myself again perhaps the way others see me. Yes, I have flaws (plenty of them), but I'm more comfortable now about not hiding them. I am who I am and I need to learn to be proud of that.
It's a rare occasion that I endorse a service or product, but if I believe in it or them then I will. I would recommend Sarah's photography skills to anyone. She was an absolute joy to work with and I wish her nothing but the best in her growing career. She truly sees her subjects (both inside and out). She finds a way to make them blend.
If you would like to check out Sarah's photography you can find her on Facebook at 8:28 Photography or on her website at http://www.8-28photography.com/.

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