Tuesday, March 8, 2016

In A More Perfect World

There are days we look around and must think, 'Oh my gosh, can the world survive another tragedy?' There are so many things that are wrong today, but unfortunately most are out of our control. We must stand idly by and just wait to see how things turn out.
In a more perfect world there would be no war, no terrorism, no earthquakes or devastating tornados, no incurable diseases, famine, homelessness, no hatred, depression, etc. Like I said, a lot is out of our control.
Then there are the things we could only wish for; things that perhaps with good intentions could be improved upon.
In a more perfect world ...
  • politicians could only talk about their own platforms and the very second they mentioned another candidate's name their microphone would go silent
  • a police squad car would always be just around the corner each time a car ran a red light or a driver was texting while driving
  • people (no matter their race, religion, or view) would always get along
  • a good friend would be your friend for life, not just until something better came along
In a dreamer's world ...
  • we could eat what we wanted and never have to worry about gaining weight or counting calories
  • it would only snow during the night time hours and the roads would always be clear during morning and evening commutes to work
The world isn't perfect and it never will be, but let us all remember that a single difference starts with us. We can be the improvement in anyone's day. We can still control our own choices, our behavior, and our attitudes. Those alone can make the world (or at least our little corner of it) a little bit more perfect.
What would make 'your' world a little more perfect?

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