Monday, February 15, 2016

It's Never Too Early To Take Your Life Seriously

Some people live life way too seriously; they're workaholics, they read EVERY newspaper article and Internet headline before their second cup of coffee, and they're planning next week in great detail while forgetting about tomorrow. Then there are other people who never take life seriously in the least. Their idea of planning for their future revolves solely around the dinner menu.

So what has me contemplating life choices? Like others, I read headlines about a 21 year old shooting a roommate over a minor disagreement. I see daily selfies being posted on Facebook by 12-15 year old kids that make me wonder where their self esteem is. Do they really need to post a new staged selfie 3-4 times a week? What's the point? Have they evolved that much in 24 hours?

I'll admit I ponder through Facebook and my limited Instagram connections to see what's going on, but I often see stuff that just makes me wonder. I'm not writing on my blog to bash anyone's choices or try to convince you of my viewpoints on piercings or tattoos. My views are my views. My point, though, is that I wonder how many people ask themselves how some of their spontaneous choices they make today will stick with them for the long haul. Will they be happy with their trendy tattoo when they're 65 or even 80? Will their fellow neighbors in the senior living center think to themselves, 'WOW, YOU ROCK'? Or will they have to put their glasses on to look at it and say, 'What the heck is that?'

Will posting that picture of yourself today wearing the low cleavage dress while holding a cigarette in one hand and a drink in the other scream out to a potential employer, "Choose me for the job. I promise to represent your company with nothing but pure professionalism."?

This post isn't meant to be a rant or imply that all morals and self-respect are falling by the wayside. I am merely suggesting, by my observations, that it's never too early to take your life seriously. When making the short term decisions, take a moment to look forward at the long term picture. If your current decision doesn't look like a good mesh with the long term goal, maybe take a step back and rethink the drinking and driving idea or the texting or driving without a seat belt thought. Remember that the choices you make today can easily stick with you forever.

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