Monday, February 1, 2016

It Should Come From the Heart

I am not sure where the month of January has gone, but surprisingly it's already the first week of February. I kind of feel like I've been in hibernation and just woke up. Today I looked at the calendar and noticed that Valentine's Day is only 2 weeks away. So what does that mean? Well, it most likely means you've been seeing festive heart cutouts in the stores since the day after Christmas (if not before). You're surely seeing store shelves now fully lined with heart-shaped candy boxes, cute little teddy bears ... everything and anything red and pink. You'll see ads from florists for expensive flowers, commercials for sparkling jewelry, and restaurants promoting 'special' menus for the upcoming holiday.

You may wonder how I feel about Valentine's Day. Truth be told, I love it! I love LOVE. I love Hallmark movies with predictable happy endings and I love romance. But Valentine's Day, to me, is a lot like New Year's Eve. It's a day that's gone completely commercial. Society has somehow convinced us that if someone truly loves us they can only show it with candy or jewelry or flowers. For me, personally, I think Valentine's Day can put too much pressure on people. It forces people to say something maybe they aren't quite ready to say. It can rush things for some people.

I would much rather get a $5.99 bouquet of friendly flowers on the 13th or 15th because someone was trying to encourage me or lift my spirits. I would much rather take an evening stroll with my husband and stop off at Sanders to share a hot fudge sundae 'just because'. Don't get me wrong ... if he wants to share an ice cream sundae on February 14th I certainly will not say no.

There are many ways to enjoy the spirit of the holiday without depleting your wallet or feeling coerced into emotions. You can send your 'significant other' a text message that simply says, 'I am thinking of you today and it made me smile. I hope you have a wonderful day.' You can surprise them with a cup of coffee prepared just the way they like it. You can leave a hand-written note in their briefcase or lunch bag or even on their windshield tucked under the wiper for when they get out of work. You can make them their favorite dish for dinner and avoid the crowds and the over-priced 'special' menus (been there, done that). You can make a bowl of popcorn and invite them to watch a movie of 'their' choice.

The possibilities are endless. If you're a romantic and love Valentine's Day, that's perfectly o.k., but find a creative way to express yourself. The important thing to remember is that whatever you do or say it should come from the heart (and it doesn't have to break the bank). That way the other person will know it is genuine. Then, make sure you remember to express yourself with the same gestures on random days ... just because.

How have you gotten creative on Valentine's Day?


  1. My husband and I never really truly celebrated Valentine's Day. Sure, when we first got married we'd give each other little funny or romantic cards. Perhaps flowers. But then one day, 25 years ago (8 years after we were married), we gave each other the most amazing gift that all other gifts just can't live up to. Our daughter, Dylan, was born on Valentine's Day 1991. Since then, we celebrate the love for each other by celebrating her birthday. She reminds us of what love truly is and continues to be. Happy Valentine's Day!

    1. I think that's AWESOME Donna! You guys are lucky to have such a visible and constant reminder of your love.