Monday, January 18, 2016

I Am Constantly Being Amazed

There are many things we'd like to control in our lives if we could; the traffic, the weather, and maybe even winning the lottery. With work and patience we can have some effect on our finances, our relationships, and our health; but that's because we're involved (kind of a cause and effect kind of thing). Many aspects of our lives we will never have any direct participation in, yet we can still reap some of the rewards.

I can sit in church on any given Sunday morning lately and undoubtedly witness a baby taking his/her first step or cooing or giggling. It's their moment, but I get to reap the benefits by merely watching and listening. I get to look outside my window on a dark cold night and hopefully see a clear moon and a multitude of stars. I get to observe sunrises and sunsets. I get to observe people doing good deeds and helping their fellow neighbors.

When I stop what I'm doing long enough to pay attention I get to discover that I am constantly being amazed with what's around me.
This past weekend I was blessed to spend time with my family, both the young and the old. There were high points and low points; a new grandchild discovering new tastes and sounds and an aging grandparent trying to remember how to do the most basic of things.

Yes, I am constantly being amazed. Amazed that I have been blessed with a loving family and a most wonderful God that watches over me and leads my steps. Amazed that I can make it through some days, and amazed and grateful that I have other days to look forward to.

What amazing things have been happening in your life lately?

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