Tuesday, December 22, 2015

When CHANGE Gets In Your Face

When life throws you unexpected changes, get even by accepting the daunting ones and then creating some of your own. The holidays can be overwhelming enough; baking cookie trays, purchasing gifts for friends and family, writing out Christmas cards to those you don't often see or hear from, and trying to meet up with friends to 'catch up' on what's been happening in your life (as if one meeting could cover it all). Just the schedule alone can become overwhelming. Our days are already packed with cooking, shopping, cleaning, working, and caring for our kids (and for many of us ... our parents). Yes, life throws us lots of changes and generally without much warning. Grandma breaks a hip, you drop everything and rush to the hospital. Your child forgot to tell you they needed 3 dozen cupcakes for tomorrow afternoon's class party, you roll up your sleeves and grab the hand mixer. The toilet suddenly decides to start losing water, you grab a bucket and towels and some tools - quickly.

We like to have our ducks in a row and our schedules and demands under control (well, I know I do), but if we're going to stop ourselves from going under the current we have to learn that 'life happens' and accept that we need to be flexible and learn to go with the flow.

Tomorrow is a new day, but today is here right now. It's the NOW that takes priority and needs to be dealt with. There are bound to be days or even weeks when we feel like we're getting through life by taking one step forward and being rewarded with two steps back, but feel confident in knowing that not every day or week is going to be like that. Deal with the here and now, then don't look back. Be strong. Be confident. Be in as much control of your life as is humanly possible. You'll get through today and tomorrow and the rest of the week. You'll battle and conquer the unwanted changes that are thrown at you because, truth be told, not all change will be bad. 

When CHANGE is first thrown in our faces I think it's normal to feel anxiety, frustration, and sometimes even anger. But once we've gotten used to the change and given ourselves a moment or two to catch our breath we may realize that not all is bad. Changes are like the seasons; they constantly evolve into the next one. They have a very specific purpose at their time, but then morph into something different that is welcomed and embraced. In the end you'll discover just what you're made of and perhaps even walk a little taller.

What change have you been dealing with lately? Understandably at this time of the year, not all changes are based around the demands of the holidays. If anything the changes are just magnified because of everything else we are dealing with.

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