Thursday, August 20, 2015

Getting Back On The Bike

It's as easy as 'getting back on the bike' can be a metaphor for life; meaning if we get back in the practice of doing something we've been used to doing then everything will fall back into place. What do you think? Is it as easy as that?

A few weeks ago my daughter and I went to Mackinac Island. What goes with being on Mackinac Island? Walking, horses, fudge ... and yes, riding bikes. No cars are allowed so if you want to get anywhere on the island you either walk, take a horse & carriage ride, or ride a bike. I hadn't ridden my bike at home all of last summer and this summer I'd only been on it twice, but guess what? On the island I got back on the bike and I rode ... and rode ... and rode some more. Once on the seat with my backpack and water bottle in the front basket and the wind in my hair it was as if I'd been riding all my life. It was familiar and it felt right.

So what other areas in our lives would we like to get back to? For me it's blogging and working in my flower beds. The last few weeks have been busy; lots to do and just not even time or energy to do it all. Tomorrow I hope to tidy up the flowers, but tonight I will blog. Tonight I will get back to putting my emotions and my life moments into words and hopefully paint a picture on my computer screen, but with words rather than with brushes and colors.

I've had a blessed week with the arrival of my first grandchild; a beautiful baby girl named Jane. What better motivation to get back on the bike? Stay tuned ...

But first, what would you like to get back to?

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