Monday, August 10, 2015

Are Your Dreams Vivid?

I've heard some people say that they dream dreams SO clearly they are sure they have a special gift; that they are able to 'see' things other people can't. I'm not saying they're right and I'm not saying they're wrong. Sometimes I think I dream pretty vividly and with LOTS of detail. Sometimes I'll remember even the tiniest of details and other times not so much. Some nights I'll wake up swinging my arms around and not have a clue of what I was dreaming about.

Dreams can be fascinating and they can also be terrifying. We can dream happy dreams that motivate us and give us the courage we need to 'GO FOR IT' (whatever IT is). As well, we can have nightmares that scare us so badly they make us a bit more cautious and less willing to take needless risks. Maybe you were driving last week and had a close call with another driver. Maybe you considered texting when you knew you should pay more attention to your driving, then you had a dream that you crashed your car into another car. Perhaps your dream (or your subconscious) was giving you some insight into the possible consequences of your actions and maybe giving you a second chance.

Dreams can sometimes help us sort out things we're contemplating or stressing over. Sometimes we just need to hear ourselves talk or role play. Given the right scenario and some quiet time without distractions we can take a walk through our own subconscious and get things back on track. If it works, it works - no one has to know but us.

Then there are the insomnia nights when we find ourselves thinking too hard and too long and about too much, that we force ourselves to lay awake with our minds going a million miles a minute. I have nights like those occasionally and trust me, they are exhausting. They usually have me begging for sleep (with dreams or without).

What are your dreams like? Do you dream often? Do you dream in black & white or in color? One-dimensional or 3D? Do you solve things when you sleep? Have you ever had a premonition when you slept?

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