Monday, July 6, 2015

How's Your Navigation?

Life can be a lot like a road map. It's easier to get to our destination or goals with clear and precise directions. I doubt anyone likes the unexpected twists and turns that cause our travel time to take longer. Most people prefer to be direct. Our time is limited. If we have a goal in life, we most likely want to get there and feel accomplished sooner, rather than later. Detours make us change our path and often delay us. Sometimes, if we don't know exactly where we are going, we can easily get off track or even lost.

When driving some place new do you check your GPS for directions? Last week the map portion of my car's navigation system stopped working. In spite of the fact that prior to my current car I'd never had a navigation system, I suddenly felt vulnerable. What if I needed to know if a side street went through to a main street? What if I wanted to know how much further I needed to drive to get to where I was going? What if there was an accident and I needed to come up with an alternate route?
Cars and traveling aside, have you ever felt this kind of vulnerability in your life? Are you more productive going after your goals if you have a well-planned outline to follow? Do you think better on the fly with the twists and turns that come with unplanned detours? Are you good at tweaking your approach on any given day if needed? Basically ... do you function well without your life maps?
Have you found yourself getting off course lately?

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