Saturday, April 11, 2015

What Direction Do The Signs Point You In?

Do you believe in signs? I don't mean construction signs or stop signs or 'We're Open' signs. I mean the kind of signs where you meet someone for the first time on a certain date at a certain time. The kind of signs where you tell yourself, 'I'll know I've made the right choice when ________ happens.' The kind of signs that may not mean anything to anyone else, but to you they give you clear direction and a sense of clarity.

There's a movie I find myself watching every time it comes on. It's called 'Fools Rush In' with Matthew Perry and Selma Hayek. It's a romantic comedy where cultures collide and sparks fly. Selma Hayek's character believes in signs, where Matthew Perry's character thinks there is a logical explanation for everything; at least until he meets her.

Do you know your life's path and where the journey will take you? Do you know exactly what you want and how you plan to get there? Have you come across signs along the way that either made you more sure or perhaps made you question some things?

I'd be interested to know if you believed in destiny or chance meetings or if you believed that everything happens for a reason. Many people think they have total control over their lives and all that happens, while others would disagree. What do you think?

When the last time you came across a 'sign' of some sort?

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