Saturday, January 17, 2015

What Crowd Are You Part Of?

Are you part of the 'IN' crowd? More important ... do you want to be?

Everywhere you look from the grade school playground to the halls of the high school to the lunchroom at the office you will find 'groups'. On the playground you'll find the boys on one side and the girls on the other. In the high school halls you'll find the students clustered about; the cheerleaders, the athletes, the band kids, the math/science kids, and the quiet ones. At the office you may find people having lunch together and chatting while others may stay in their offices and continue working. Even in church you'll see people gathered in very specific groups; some are welcoming and some not so much. Some will label their own groups while others will find themselves already labeled.

My question to you is where do you see yourself and why? Are you part of this group or that? Do you stand back and watch and long to be somewhere that you're not or are you content to mingle with everyone? Then there is the BIG question ... what gives anyone the right to label any one and then corral people into their preset groups? The even BIGGER question is 'why' do we let them? 

When my son was little The Berenstain Bears was one of his favorite book series'. That was 20+ years ago and even then the 'In-Crowd' was a subject to be talked about.

In the end it's important that we feel comfortable as the mom or the student or the techy. If there are going to be any labels at all they should come from us and apply only to us. It's a wonderful thing that no two people are alike, it makes life more interesting. We should never feel intimidated or more important or less of anything because of a label. Embrace your own gifts and talents and run with them. If others admire you or want to follow and be with you - awesome. If they don't - it's their loss.

Where do you see yourself fitting in?

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