Thursday, January 22, 2015


We all need a place where we can relax, recharge, and rejuvenate. As of late I've been working on a special project; I've been creating a space for myself where I can revitalize my mind  ... a retreat of sorts. We all face the pressures of everyday life. We are all unique and while our stresses and trigger points may be different, we share a common bond that we search out that 'special' place that allows us to regroup.

Sometimes that's all we need; a place that we find soothing where we can take 5 minutes and block everything else out. Not everything is bad, mind you, but at times clearly overwhelming. Perhaps your ride home in traffic was stressful, perhaps your dishwasher decided to take it's last breath, maybe the kids were way too loud and rambunctious today, or maybe you haven't been feeling up to par. Whatever you need a small break from look for that quiet place where you can just be.

If you don't have a special place yet, make one. Even if it just means closing the bedroom door for a few minutes to be alone or taking a walk outside. We can't always be about the GO and GO FASTER. Sometimes we need to give ourselves permission to SLOW DOWN and TAKE A BREAK. It's o.k. Trust me, everything else will still be there when we decide to reopen the door. 

What's your retreat space look like? What helps you regain perspective after a long day?

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