Sunday, October 5, 2014

New & Improved? Can It Fix Everything?

Everything these days seems to come with a tag that says 'New & Improved'. Even salesmen will tell you when you make an electronic purchase that your item is practically obsolete as soon as you walk out of the store. But will 'new & improved' change your values or your faith or your sense of worth? I doubt it.

There are things that will have a definite positive effect if tried. For example ... getting a new hair style or a new outfit won't actually make you younger, BUT they can make you FEEL younger. Getting WiFi in your house can't make you more creative, BUT it will speed things up for you so that you don't lose your momentum. Even going to church won't get you a free pass to heaven, BUT it could help to restore your faith and perhaps clarify your values and priorities.

There are people who will say that money can't buy happiness, BUT at the same it can bring financial stability and possibly less stress and that could lead to a greater sense of happiness. I suppose there is always a thing called perspective. Stop and ask yourself what you hope to achieve in your life and what your priorities are. Think about what you need to do, or more importantly NOT DO to get where you want to be. Make those choices for yourself and go after them. Don't look for a quick fix to get you what you want. Important things are achievable, but they usually come with a price of hard work and dedication and persistence. Getting the latest this or that might fix or replace things for you that are no longer good, but they can't fix YOU. If you're feeling obsolete or broken or lost don't fill your time and space with things. Get back to the root of why you feel off kilter and fix that. Perhaps it's a relationship or your faith or your physical being. Start by trying to work on you. You can always reward yourself later with something 'new & improved' ... when you're feeling 'new & improved'.

What are you currently working on to get you where you want to be?

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