Thursday, March 13, 2014

Referrals Are Golden

If you want to hire a contractor or find a restaurant or a new hair dresser, you don't go through the phone book (assuming you still have one of those yellow covered books with the microscopic print in it). Ads can be deceiving; they tell you what the company wants you to know. No ... instead you get a 'referral'. Referrals are better than any fancy website, magazine ad, or electronic billboard. Sure those avenues will grasp your attention for a minute, but a referral from a real live breathing person will tell you the degree of integrity, knowledge, and trust of the company or service provider.

Referrals, good or bad, are the cornerstone of building any business. They can make or break a reputation in an instant. They keep businesses in business, it's that simple. So do your friends and yourself a favor and share your connections. If you're happy with your dentist, your car mechanic, your hair dresser, or your doctor - share them. Them staying in business will keep you, and them, happy for a lot longer.

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