Sunday, March 30, 2014

Get Excited About Something!

In a world where we can't control everything (actually there really isn't much we can control), the important thing is to learn to control our stress. How do we do that? By creating a balance in our lives. We need to have a hobby or at least find something that relaxes us. We need to get excited about at least one thing. Today I took a walk on what seemed like the first nice day we've had. While I was out I heard kids laughing as they pretended it was summer, they rode their bikes and shot some hoops in their driveway. Neighbors walked their dog. People had their front doors open to let some light in and some people even attempted to take the last of their Christmas lights down. That's no small thing considering the kind of winter we've had.

Get excited about a glimpse of spring weather, watch some college basketball with your friends, get pumped about the Detroit Tigers having their home opener tomorrow, read a good book, watch a movie, bbq, or spend some quality time with your family.
Find what makes you smile and indulge. The ice cream will taste great and maybe your shoulders will feel a little lighter. It's all about creating the balance. What relaxes you and helps you to maintain a good perspective?

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