Sunday, March 2, 2014

And The Oscar Goes To ...

Tonight is a big night for Hollywood. It's the Academy Awards show where we will hear over and over again, "And the Oscar goes to ...". As entertaining as the Academy Awards are with all the popular people, the fancy clothes, the shiniest 'bling', the well-dressed interviewers, and the applause ... we will most likely never see televised award shows for the average people. We won't hear about glamorous awards and acknowledgements for the policeman, the grocery store clerk, the 6th grade teacher, the auto mechanic, the firefighter, the retail associate of the year, the church secretary, or even the blogger.

Why do you suppose that is? Most likely because these people don't perform their jobs in the hopes of being idolized and adored, they do them to earn a modest living and hopefully make a difference. Don't get me wrong I know that the actors and actresses and directors and producers are obviously great at their craft ... I know I could never do what they do, but then again they probably couldn't do what you or I do either. So why do we idolize them? Why do we put them on a pedestal so high that as soon as they do something human and normal they're knocked off and become yesterday's news?
I would imagine that they must be under enormous amounts of pressure to have to go to work and be watched by literally millions of people and scrutinized over every little thing they do. Everyone tries to impress their bosses and the people they work with, but most of us will at least have a private life that can remain out of the limelight.
Keeping these observations in mind I have 2 questions for you. 1) 'Who' are you wearing? and 2) If you were to be awarded for the work you do what would your acceptance speech sound like? Who would you thank?

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