Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Words Can Be Both Good And Bad

Words are powerful and important; the dictionary is full of them. I once wrote a blog article about how the simplest combination of words can have the ability to build up and tear down. Everything from ‘I Love You’ reinforcing the passion you have for someone to ‘You suck!’ tearing down someone’s self-esteem in a matter of seconds.

There are some great words out there … love, understanding, confidence, patience, faith, strength, and supportive. There are also a lot of negative ones … hate, fat, ignorant, selfish, loser, and ugly. There is a 3 letter word I think is one of the worst, because when added to any others it has the unique ability to create doubt, confusion, and sadness. Want to know what the word is? The word is ‘BUT’. You can have the best language flow going and as soon as you add the word BUT the entire meaning and intention has been changed.

Here’s an example.
‘Your new hairstyle looks flattering, BUT I never really liked the way you were wearing it before.’ So … before when someone told you they thought you looked pretty they were just stringing you along waiting for the next best thing to come along?

Then there’s my favorite … ‘I don’t like to gossip, BUT …’ You can fill in the blank on that one. We’ve all heard it. It’s almost as if people use the word BUT as a disclaimer. Suddenly any words that follow it are somehow excusable.

What do you think? Which words do you consider good and bad? Is there a particular one that always makes you cringe? (Let’s forget any swear words, those are never good to use.)

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