Monday, January 6, 2014

Snow Day or Not?

The last couple of days has brought much of the country to its knees; whether it be from massive snow accumulations or frigidly bitter temperatures. Many of the kids were just about to venture back into their school routine after a long Christmas holiday only to have classes cancelled for today and many already for tomorrow. The question is who is happier about receiving a snow day? The children who are majorly bored by this point (especially when it's too cold to go outside)? The parents, many of whom are scrambling to find fill-in childcare? The school bus drivers who won't have the added responsibility of keeping thousands of students safe on the roads? The teachers who have an extra day to prepare (although my son is a teacher and he woke up this morning to find his front door FROZEN SHUT ... so he couldn't get to school even if he wanted to)? Then there's my college student who moved back into her dorm last night, had all classes cancelled for today and had the thrill of being woken up at 2am this morning because the fire alarms were going off in her dorm building. Throwing on your warmest clothes, boots and coat and rushing out into the cold because some ignorant guy was smoking in the 'smoke-free' dorm I'm sure was not as exciting as it sounds. Then there are the adults who have jobs to get to. Do you dig out your driveway and try to get to work when you don't know what the roads will be like? Do you say stay home anyway?
As I sit here on my couch in my warm house looking out my window at all the white fluffy stuff that is mounded up to my window sills, it's obvious I took the 'snow day' route. Perhaps I could have may it out of my driveway, but would I have made it through my subdivision without getting stuck? Perhaps the main roads would have been drivable, but would the parking lot at work have been plowed yet? I tried that a few years ago and got stuck in the parking lot and had to be dug out to go home. Yes ... the decision has been made. It's a snow day for me. Call me a chicken, call me a wimp ... but I'll call myself  'safe' and 'smart'. Some things just aren't worth taking chances for. In the grand scheme of things, today is just one day. One small piece in the puzzle. Will I be behind at work tomorrow because I didn't go in today? ... probably, but then there's work on my desk every day (snow or no snow). Tomorrow will come soon enough and I will deal with my snow choices then.
What about you? Is it a snow day for you? Was the decision made for you or did you make it yourself?

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