Sunday, January 19, 2014

It's A Numbers Game

Everything in our lives seems to revolve around numbers. Pardon the pun, but numbers seem to be the common denominator. Society today seem to always say 'quantity matters'. There are the routine equations we're all used to like 'you need 12 to equal a dozen' or '10 pins to equal a strike'. There are the milestone birthdays we all know: 'you become a teenager at 13', 'an adult at 18', those 'decade celebrations', and 'the age you can retire'.

In business it's all about increased sales and meeting quotas, in houses it's about the square footage, for some brides it's about the number of the carats in an engagement ring, in social media it's about the number of followers and 'likes' you have, and in budgets it's hopefully about ending in numbers that are in the black. Numbers can be big and numbers can be small. We like smaller numbers when it's referring to our weight and larger numbers when it's our income. Some numbers make us competitive; knowing that the most goals, runs, baskets, and touchdowns will win the game.

Like anything else, opinions and priorities will differ for everyone. Not everyone wants the biggest house if it means heating and cleaning it or the highest paying job if it means being away from their family. Don't be pressured into thinking more is better. Decide what is right for you. What (and how much) makes you happy?

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