Friday, January 31, 2014

History Repeats

I've heard people say that sometimes history repeats itself. Often your child will look just like you did at their age. Or as we get over we'll find ourselves channeling our parents and saying things they used to say to us (gosh, I hate when that happens ... it's like a giant 'I told you so!'). But sometimes history repeats itself in the most unique ways.

A few years ago I was at a Dollar Tree store with my daughter picking up some party supplies. An older woman of a different ethnic origin was looking through the greeting cards. Her English wasn't bad, but very broken. She was having a difficult time reading the words in the cards. She asked us for help. My daughter helped the woman go through several holiday cards and pick out perfect ones for her adult children. She smiled and thanked us.

Today I was in the same store picking up a few things. I wandered over to the greeting cards because they had a Valentine's Day display. Low and behold who should be standing next to me but this same woman from a few years ago. It was like a case of deja' vu. She was looking through the cards, smiled and handed me one and said, "Is this a good card for my son?" I read through it quickly and told her it was very nice and a good choice. She handed me a second card and said, "Is this a good one for my daughter and her family? Or should I give her the same one as her brother?"

A clear case of history repeating itself. Anything like this ever happen to you?

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