Sunday, January 26, 2014

Dealing With The Winter Blues

Some people love the winter season ... the cold, the fresh fallen snow, the pristine crispness of the white fluffy landscapes ... others - not so much. When I was a child I remember having snow blanket the ground from December til March. We would build a snow fort and a snow man and they NEVER melted. Just when they would begin to shrink a fresh snow would fall and we'd build them back up again. But this winter seems to have been one of the harshest so far that I can remember in a long time. We've had snow, we've had ice, we've had sub-zero wind chills, and the kids have had their share of snow days from school. The ironic part of it is that it's still only January.

I know many who are anxious to get away to some place warm and sunny where they don't have to look at sloppy, slushy, dirty snow or be on the look out for pot holes. Are you one of the many who've taken the 'Taco Bell' approach and 'run for the border'? Or are you still here with the rest of us trying to make the best of it?
It's understandable that being cooped up for the last few weeks could be depressing for those you aren't able to get out because it's too cold or too slick. I can't imagine not getting out at some point just to get some fresh air at least. Last week I stopped off to pay a visit to my mother as well as a friend from church, neither of which are able to get out in this weather. I brought birthday flowers to one and some laughter and conversation to the other.

How are you dealing with this winter so far? What has helped you to maintain perspective? The easiest thing I can think of is communication with others and sharing laughter. Go ahead and make jokes about the pot holes, the snow, the slow commutes in traffic ... whatever helps. They say that laughter is the best medicine. I saw a photo posted recently on a Facebook page for 'Make Macomb Your Home'. I don't know who the photographer was to give them the proper credit, but their picture certainly made me laugh.


  1. Love the picture! Made me smile. I am also tired of the endless snow, bitter temperatures, and long stressful drives to work and back. It makes me appreciate the nice warm home I have to go home to. I pray for those who don't have that.

    1. I agree Cindy, I am thankful that when I get cold I only need to throw another sweater on. Many aren't that fortunate. Makes me appreciate what I have.