Thursday, July 11, 2013

Reality Shows - What's The Attraction?

Reality TV is everywhere. Grab your remote and start flipping; you're bound to find at least 3-4 different shows on any given night. There's something for everyone. There's informative shows about travel, having babies, and buying real estate in foreign countries. There are shows that cater to your hobbies like fishing, cooking, and home improvement DIY projects. There are so-called romance shows. Then there are the human interest types like American Pickers and Pawn Stars where a story comes with every item found.

What is it that hooks our attention? Is it that we think we're just like the people on the screen and can somehow relate with them? Is it that we just want to escape from our own lives for 30-60 minutes?

I'll admit I have a few favorites, but then who doesn't? I find myself cheering for the people stranded on the various Survivor islands and contemplating their next move. Just who will Outwit*Outplay*Outlast the other guy to deserve the million dollar prize? I enjoy watching Chopped; seriously they make it all look so easy, but I do wonder if the judges really want to eat the dishes after the food has been handled and literally thrown onto the plates during the last 10 seconds. I personally prefer So You Think You Can Dance over Dancing With The Stars. At least with SYTYCD there are talented young dancers that get to work with great choreographers and potentially refine their skill and get a job afterward. Dancing With The Stars seems somewhat entertaining, but more about bringing 'used to be's' back for the 15 minutes of new fame.

Which ones do I dislike? How much time do you have? I haven't been interested in the Bachelor or Bachelorette since the beginning when Trista chose Ryan (the humble firefighter from Colorado). They made a future together, but probably only because they left the limelight and acted normal. It seems you can almost predict that the next bachelor or bachelorette will be whomever got left standing at the rose ceremony on the previous season.

Then there are the shows that create spin offs. Toddlers and Tiaras sucks me in for about 5 minutes, then I get angry at something an obsessed parent said and I literally have to walk away.  Don't even get me started about Honey Boo Boo. Once in a great while there will be one wholesome little girl on the show who will tell another little girl that her dress is pretty, but then the moment is ruined when the 2nd little girl snubs the first and tells her mother, "Just who does she think she is talking to me?" If you want to feel better about your own parenting skills, then I'd definitely recommend watching these shows.

I may have to save the rest of my rant for another blog entry, there's too much good material to choose from. But that just proves my point of how much Reality TV has taken over. Do you think it's the fad of the decade or do you think these shows will still be around in 5 years? Which ones do you watch and why? I'd love to know.


  1. My favorite reality show is Duck Dynasty. Why? It's entertaining. As with all reality shows, we try to imagine what it would be like if we were living that experience. Of course most are 'No Way Not Me' but a few are 'Might be fun - just for the day'.

  2. I only watch SYTYCD and enjoy that. I find that the criticism is usually critical and helpful; not mean spirited. I think the dancing is entertaining. We watch HGTV on vacation because it is the only thing on the cable channels wherever we are. It's funny that it is our vacation thing! I don't understand the interest in this programming and I hope they come up with more interesting dramas, comedies and such; fictional tv with real acting, stories and such.

  3. Thanks for sharing, Wendy and Cindy. I love hearing what interests other people, but more importantly the 'why'. Wendy - HGTV has always been my fallback. Cindy - not quite sure I can see you with the Duck Commanders, lol, but that's what makes it fun.