Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Find Your Voice

Do you ever feel like you're talking, but no one is listening? Like your voice is going unheard or is getting lost in the chaos? You're not alone. Life these days seems to be busier than ever. I'm not sure exactly why, but everything seems to be happening all at once and at a frantic pace. If you're like me you probably wish you could slow it down, but that's clearly not our reality.

My life has been a bit crazy lately. I've been working at my job, working at home, trying to help other people out when I can, writing on this blog, and because I have absolutely nothing else going on in my life (this is where it's o.k. for you to laugh without hurting my feelings) I've signed up to walk in my 2nd Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk in early October. But did I stop there? Oh no! That would be too easy. I've accepted a volunteer position as a 'Voice of Hope' for the American Cancer Society. I was chosen to help represent the Making Strides campaign by speaking at some upcoming events to create awareness.

As a cancer survivor I am both honored and humbled. I'm not alone in the number of people who have been diagnosed with cancer, or even survived. But I do have a passion for spreading encouragement and awareness. I had a unique story with my diagnosis and feel I have a message to share. So it's important that I grasp this opportunity for my voice to be heard.

No matter what YOUR story is or what message YOU have to share you have a responsibility to share it and be heard. Embrace the opportunities that present themselves. I don't think they just happen by chance. I've never let cancer define me. I didn't let it take something from me, but I did take something from the experience. I found strength, I found courage, I found a purpose, and I found my voice.

Be strong. Speak out and let your voice be heard. I can't wait to hear what YOUR message is.