Monday, January 7, 2013

There's a time to scrimp and a time to splurge!

Ask anyone who knows me well and they’ll tell you that I love a good sale. If I have to buy something it is VERY rare that I will ever pay full price for anything. I haven’t gone to the other side yet and become an extreme couponer, but I do cut my share of coupons and look for my share of good deals.

I’ve come to the determination that I have a clear list of items I am willing to scrimp on (although I don’t consider it scrimping … I’m just saving money on an equally good product or service). I can’t imagine why in today’s economy someone would pay full price for something if they didn’t have to. If my husband and I eat a meal out we generally always have a ‘buy one, get one free’ coupon. I buy Clairol Nice-n-Easy’ hair color and cover my grey for on average $5.99 an application (which will easily get me through 5 weeks). Yes, that’s right. I just admitted to my millions of devoted readers (ok, perhaps I exaggerated on the number of readers) that I have some areas of grey hair that I cover up. Guess my secret is out, but hey that's o.k. we're amongst friends, right? I also will buy generic brand vitamins (mostly CVS & Kroger brand) because my son (the really smart chemistry teacher) agrees that the ingredients are identical.

However, I’ve also discovered that if I’m going to scrimp on some things, it should allow me the choice of using brand name products as well. Of course, that certainly doesn’t mean that I won’t look for a coupon or check to see which store has the lowest price. So what are my products that I stand by? I’m glad you asked …lol. I will always stand by my Tide detergent (the fragrance free, free of all dyes, etc. kind), my Bounce dryer softener sheets (the fragrance free, etc. kind as well), my Bigelow Orange & Spice caffeine free herbal tea (no other brand comes close in taste as far as I’m concerned). And as David Letterman would say, ‘The #1 thing NOT to scrimp on is Kleenex brand tissues.’ After blowing my nose for the last week with a whopper of a cold I’ve decided that Sam’s Club (the brand we use at work) and Target (the brand I was buying for home) simply will not suffice any longer. The noses in my household deserve only the best and for us that is Kleenex brand tissues. (Gosh … do you think I should send them a copy of this blog? Maybe they’ll send me a free case of tissues for endorsing their products …lol).

So … my question for you today is ‘what will you scrimp on?’ and ‘what will you splurge on?’ Please share, I’m sure my millions of readers want to know.

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