Tuesday, October 2, 2012

It's Been An Interesting Couple Of Days

It's been an interesting couple of days. Last weekend was my daughter's homecoming football game and dance. The team won their game, the marching band sounded awesome, and the kids looked great and had a wonderful time dressing up for their dance Saturday night. What did amaze me though was all the drama that was involved. I guess I don't remember it being that way when I was in high school, probably because we wore our 'good' jeans and the dance was in the school gym following the football game. Sure isn't that way anymore. I saw a funny Facebook post written by one of the neighbor girls down the street. She and her sister had already graduated, but their younger brother was going to the dance. Don't quote me but her post said something to the effect that ...

When girls get ready for the homecoming dance there are hair and nail appointments involved, a new dress, shoes, and accessories, the importance of the right date, and which 'group' you're seen with eating dinner. When boys get ready for the dance (assuming she was referring to her brother) it's about getting his suit dry cleaned, buying a shirt and tie to match her dress, taking a shower, and making sure his socks matched. I would say that the preparation & stress levels are slightly off kilter, don't you agree? I am the mother of both a boy and a girl and I can say that I agree with a lot of what the girls observed. Maybe somethings don't change, although I'll admit that we skipped the salon and my daughter allowed me to do her hair and nails.

Well, the homecoming weekend is over and life does goes on. The dress is neatly hung up in the closet, the corsage is still sitting prominently on my kitchen counter, and the photos continue to pop up on Facebook. It's a wonderful time in the life of a teenager, but yes things will continue to move forward. For me this week has been about a funeral for a friend's mother, my job, about attending a band booster meeting tonight and hoping to 'Win the Band', and a couple of marching band rehearsals and a symphony rehearsal for my daughter.

Oh and then something unexpected happened ... yesterday I won a couple of tickets to a breast cancer awareness and support luncheon for this weekend. Definitely never a dull moment. Something for me ... nice.

So, what's your week look like? Anything interesting coming up we should know about? Maybe we could meet for a cup of tea and see what's new with you.


  1. Giving an organic test tomorrow, an AP test on Thursday, attending our homecoming game on Friday, and working on a Habitat house in Bloomington on Saturday. I'm a little too far away to just meet up and chat though.

    1. That's ok Dan. We can catch up with our phone conversations. We're kind of predictable that we'll talk sometime during the week when you're either shopping at Kroger or driving. Good chats though even without the cup of tea. :)

  2. A get-together with high school friends and spouses last Saturday, my sister's surgery yesterday followed by the funeral home for the mother of a church friend, an email informing me of the death of one of my good friend's youngest son, rv show tomorrow, funeral on Thursday, trip up north to visit my mother for the weekend. Think that is enough excitement for one week!