Thursday, September 6, 2012

What keeps you motivated?

If you're anything like me, you've probably set a goal or two for yourself  over the years. My history of completing goals would look like a roller coaster at best. Sometimes I'm up and sometimes I crash and burn. If intentions counted for anything mine always start out good. I set my goal, devise my plan of attack, and go after it with all I've got (well, at least for the first few weeks). I'm one of those people who wants to see results; not necessarily instantly, but if I can see that things are at least headed in the right direction and making a difference I'm definitely more apt to keep making the effort. It's when I work really hard at something and I see little or no results that I get frustrated. But then who wouldn't, right? I mean we are only human.

I'll be honest, this past year or so I've been struggling with gaining weight. My doctor says, 'You're not that bad, really. Just eat right and start exercising.' Wow ... and they needed a college degree to be able to tell me that? Could I eat more fruits and vegetables? Absolutely. Could I exercise more than I do? You bet. But at the same time, I feel like I'm rarely ever sitting down - except for the 9 hours a day that I'm at my desk at work (which could easily be contributing to my problem). Two years ago I trained for a 60 mile 3Day walk for breast cancer. I walked more than 540 miles during my 9 months of training. Did I lose even ONE pound during that 9 months? Nope, not a one. I'll admit that my calves were toner than they'd been in a long time and my tan was pretty good, but my weight did not change at all. Then last year I broke my ankle which limited my exercise and walking for a few months. I know what you're thinking ... excuses ... excuses ... AND you're probably right.

I've tried to make some subtle lifestyle changes ... better sleep ... more H20 ... less caffeine ... always parking further out in the parking lot. BUT I know I need to do better.

Any ideas? I know I need to make myself accountable and it would certainly be easier if I had an exercise buddy or someone who was checking up on me. What keeps you motivated when you're trying to improve on something? It could be weight loss, quitting smoking, having a more positive attitude, or accomplishing something you've always wanted to do. I'd love to hear about what works for you.

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