Friday, August 10, 2012

How do you handle temptation?

Question of the day ... can you resist temptation?

This is when we answer honestly ... even anonymously, if necessary.

Lately I've been watching the Olympics (like a lot of other people I imagine), but have had to deal with the time zone difference. I am working on a computer at work most of the day and various 'Spoiler Alerts' will flash at the top of the Yahoo page. So ... have you been able to resist clicking on the convenient link to see who gets the Gold OR have you shown your supernatural will power and waited til you've been able to watch the event later on in the day? I'll be honest and admit the first few days I didn't know about the spoiler alerts and waited, but once I became aware of them my will power slowly began to dwindle. A few times now I've realized that my evening schedule was possibly going to prohibit me from watching my favorite events, so I decided to just grasp the spoiler alert and wait for the recaps. Not quite as much fun, but definitely better than not knowing, right?

So, Olympics are one level of temptation, then there's french fries, DQ and the secret snack size candy hidden in the volunteer desk drawer. Uh-oh, now the secret is out. Oops! How do we  handle these temptations? Obviously these are some of my weaknesses - yours may be different. To be totally honest I've only had DQ a few times this summer and when I have I've tried to show great restraint and order the 'MINI' blizzard (seriously it's like the size of a bathroom Dixie cup). How much more restraint can a person be expected to endure? French fries ... I generally never order my own, I share with someone ... that's resisting temptation, right? OK, maybe we shouldn't talk about the secret candy in the drawer - I've got nothing to say on that one that won't incriminate me. Guess I'm human after all.

Just curious about what temptations make you stress a bit? How do you handle them? If you're stronger and more disciplined than me - that's awesome for you, but please share some of your secrets and techniques with me. I could use some help. While I may sound like everything is casual and whimsy, society clearly says otherwise. I'm fortunate not to have any big temptations in my life and I'm blessed not to have any addictions (alcohol, smoking, or gambling). If you find you're facing those kinds of temptations, please seek out some help. Find someone to talk to. Don't feel like you have to be superhuman and handle everything life throws at you by yourself. You're never alone.

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