Thursday, July 5, 2012

What do you do when 'relaxing' becomes just another item on your TO DO list?

Today is one of those days. A day when I don't have to go to work, yet a day when I don't really have anything planned. This week has been a 'staycation' for me. Sure, it'd be great to have some amazing vacation destination to go to, but at the same time it's been nice to have a bit more flexibility in my days. I've taken early morning walks this week, ridden my bicycle with my daughter, worked in my flower garden a few times, been to the library twice, attended one college visit and have watched TV (Hallmark movies to be precise) a bit more than I usually do. I've also had erratic meals (some good, some not so good), which was clearly reflected on my scale this morning. As a disclaimer, I will say that yesterday was a holiday and while I did take a 2 mile walk in the morning before the heat got too bad I did end my night sitting on a blanket on my driveway and ate 2 toasted marshmallows while watching the neighborhood fireworks light show. I guess I will give myself a bit of grace then. After all I can certainly remedy the scale situation during the balance of my week.

I am so used to filling EVERY minute of my day with work, errands and schedules that when a day or even a week comes along that breaks up the routine I feel a bit lost and confused. The first couple of days I can sit on the patio and read and tell myself I deserve it because 'I'm on vacation'. Then the novelty wears off and the guilt sets in. Not really sure how to avoid it. I'll do a few quick projects so that I can justify to myself that I 'deserve' to relax. Wow! Do I REALLY sound that pathetic? How do you cope with staycations or even the occasional day off? Is there some sort of secret that I'm not aware of? What do you do when 'relaxing' becomes one of the things you pencil in on your To Do list? AND ... it's all the way down the list as #6 or 7?


  1. Retirement is a lot like that. After so many years of having a full schedule, it still seems strange not to have a set routine. At first, you feel like you're on vacation, but after that sometimes you just feel at a loss and like you should be DOING something.

    1. Juanita, you're not the first retiree to tell me that. Guess it's just another one of many phases we all go through. Maybe I can learn from your example. Jennifer